Study Groups 101

Are you excited about studying the Bible in a community of believers? Let's do this!

Why call them "study groups"?

As believers, we are all lifelong students of God's Word. As much effort as we put into school (where we may have been part of study groups), we should put all the more heart and soul into studying the Bible. 

It's true that groups are about "community" and "connecting"; they might be "small" and serve as "accountability". Scripture Confident Living is all about digging in and studying Scripture together; that's why I picked this name. 

Call it whatever you'd like ("friendship" works...); just link arms with one another and open God's Word.

How can I start a study group?

Find a friend - or a few - and ask them if they are interested in studying the Bible together.

Agree on the WHAT: a book of the Bible, a study guide? 

Agree on HOW and WHEN: Will you meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly in person? Will you set up a Facebook group and connect throughout the week?

Voila, you have your study group. If you'd like to set up a church-specific group, talk with your pastor about starting one.

How can I join a study group?

Does your church have Bible study groups? They may go by different names: small group, connect group, community group. Ask your pastor about joining one.

I hope to one day be able to facilitate online SCL specific study groups for anyone interested in the "Scripture Confident through the Bible" series, specifically those who haven't been able to start or join a group with this curriculum. Follow SCL on Facebook to be one of the first to know when a group like that is launched. 

How do online study groups work?

Online study groups allow you to connect with each other throughout the week. They are great solutions for friends who live far apart or whose schedules don't allow for meeting regularly in person.

The easiest way to facilitate an online study group is to create a Facebook group. Most people these days already have a Facebook account and therefore can be easily invited to join the group. Group members can modify how often they get notified of group posts.

"Scripture Confident through the Old Testament" has study group questions most days. Assign one member of the group to post the questions; everyone can comment below with their answer when its convenient for them. (You may also suggest that whoever finishes the study of the day first can post the question. However, in my experience, it helps when somebody is specifically assigned this role.)

You can do this similarly with other studies. Simply... 

  1. agree on what you are studying and at what pace
  2. assign one person to post the group questions
  3. allow each member to answer the questions in the comment section after completing the reading/study assignment

What if I want the "study" without the "group"?

You can, of course, pick up "Scripture Confident through the Old Testament" or any Bible study and complete it on your own. But I think you are missing out on great biblical community. So I challenge you to consider at least asking a friend to join you.

What if I want the "group" without the "study"?

Maybe God is putting on your heart to start a group of ladies for the purpose of connecting and dwelling on Him but you don't think a Bible study is what you are looking for. Check out the If:Gathering. They are currently guiding hundreds of ladies to connect and encourage one another.