What study material is available?

The Bible study series "Scripture Confident through the Old Testament" is now available.


What is "Scripture Confident through the Old Testament"?

"Scripture Confident through the Old Testament" is a 3 part series that teaches a study group how to study the Bible while gaining an overview of Old Testament history. No prior study skills are required. 

Content and study skill break-down is as follows:


Week 1: Building a New Habit   ---   Creation to Tower of Babel

Week 2: Prayer in Bible study    ---   The Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)

Week 3: Basic Observations       ---   Exodus and Wilderness Periods

Week 4: Context                           ---   Conquest of the Promised Land

Week 5: Conjunctions                 ---   The Period of the Judges

Week 6: Cross-references           ---   Samuel and Ruth


Week 7&8: Interpretation          ---   United Kingdom (Saul, David, Solomon)

Week 9&10: Outside Sources   ---   Divided Kingdom: Israel

Week 11&12: Implication           ---   Divided Kingdom: Judah


Week 13&14: Application         ---   Daniel and Esther

Week 15&16: Your Turn            ---   Restoration 

Week 17&18: Genres                 ---- Wisdom Literature

I could not relate to the Israelites’ poor decision making at all before and now I see the parallel: Even though I have God living inside me, I still sin.
— Courtney, MI

Do I have to read through the whole Old Testament?

No, groups do not read through the whole Old Testament but rather study selected passages in depth. You will be given the tools you need to study through the historical narrative portions of the Old Testament passage by passage. Some time is spent on wisdom literature like Psalms and Proverbs. 

Can I do this study on my own?

I highly recommend doing this study with a small or mid-sized group of friends. Studying Scripture together is so much richer than when we do it on our own. We get to hear what stood out to our friends, how God used this passage to evoke life change, and we stay accountable with our interpretation and application.

This Bible study has been uplifting and I feel that I am learning a lot. To be honest, in other study books or groups, I have felt “talked down to”. I did not feel that here. The study felt friendly, uplifting and challenged me without coming across as preachy, over my head or that I had better have all the right answers. I appreciated that a lot.
— Kristin, IL

What is unique about this study?

The "Scripture Confident through the Old Testament" series teaches you how to study biblical narratives. After completion, you should feel confident in your ability to study those passages we had to skip. You will gain independence so that rather than going from study to study, devotional to devotional, you will know how to approach a passage with the tools you have learned.

What about the New Testament?

A New Testament study that teaches further study skills is planned for 2017. Stay tuned.

Is this material made to be studied in community?

YES, YES, YES. I encourage anyone, who would like to use my study material, to gather a small or mid-sized group to study with them. Most days include a "Study Group Moment", which allows participants to engage in the material together throughout the week. I suggest opening a temporary, closed Facebook group for this purpose and assigning somebody to post the Study Group Moments and allow everyone to comment/ answer at their leisure. Alternatively or in addition, a group may decide to meet in person weekly or bi-weely to discuss the Study Group Moments or their overall impressions. If you are going through the study with a few close friends, why not meet casually for coffee and use the Study Group Moments as a guide to chat about how God is using His Word to grow and challenge you.