Is this ebook for you?

📖 A quick and easy read: 10 actionable steps are explained in a conversational tone.

📖 For Bible beginners and seasoned readers alike: The first several steps do not require any prior Bible knowledge. Beginners can start with step 1 and build a new habit of reading the Bible regularly. Seasoned readers are invited to dig deeper with Bible study tools, regularly used by pastors and scholars. 

📖 Practical action steps: Go at your own pace with this informative guide. I give you the tools; you will take the steps towards Scripture confidence. Start where you are and slowly - step by step - dig deeper into God's Word and explore all that He has to teach you through it.

Approach the Bible with growing confidence!

Women who have read and applied this ebook have reported joy over getting back into God's Word or feeling like they are finally ready to get started. We are all on a faith journey with God, eager to learn more about Him and His will for us. So, wherever you are in your walk with God today, learn how to dig deep into Scripture to read it for all that it's worth. The Bible contains all the truth we need to grow in our faith.