3 Beginner Bible-Study Myths and the Truths that Will Get You Started 

I love that you sit down with your Bible regularly to study it, learn from it, and allow it to change your life. Even beginners can gain a lot of wisdom from Scripture. I am excited for you to make Bible-study a regular habit that refreshes and grows your faith. I know of three misconceptions that are holding many of you back. Let’s clear them up so you can get started.

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Each of these myths have come out of feedback I have received from some of my readers. If you are stuck behind one of these, know that 1.) you are not alone, and 2.) we are going to clear them up right now. 

Here are three misconceptions keeping many new believers from studying the Bible regularly. Plus, of course, we'll look at the truths that clear them up and actionable Bible-challenges, so you can get started making Bible study a habit.

1. I have to/can’t start with Genesis.

While it seems most logical to some to start reading a book from the beginning, others of you have heard that Genesis is actually not a good place to start. 

The truth is: Just start. 

In my opinion, some great starting places to simply get into the habit of reading are Genesis, Proverbs, John, or James. Quite frankly, however, you can start reading just about anywhere. I would not recommend starting with the prophets like Ezekiel and Isaiah, simply because they are very difficult to understand without any background knowledge.

Bible Challenge: Pick one.

Pick a book of the Bible and just start reading a chunk of it every day, simply to get into the habit of doing so. 

2. I need to find an answer to all of my questions before continuing.

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I had this misconception when I was new to reading the Bible, and this advice felt like a huge load off my shoulders and very counterintuitive at the same time. I was itching to get to the bottom of every mystery.

The truth is: You will learn over time.

It’s good to recognize you still have questions about the text and yet continue reading. The more you read, the more Bible knowledge you gain. Many of the passages that were once confusing will suddenly make sense. I’ll be honest: You’ll still have questions. Scholars still have questions. One day, when you have a strong foundation, it will be really fun to focus on studying just that subject to get the answers. If you are just starting out though, keep on reading for now.

Bible Challenge: Make a note to come back later.

Write the question in the margin of your Bible or in a special notebook. You can come back to this later. For now, keep on reading and building a strong habit and foundation.

3. My Bible reading has to “feel relevant” every day.

You’d rather have morning devotions that are full of excitement and wonder than ones that feel stale and like work. I get it! 

The truth is: The Bible is relevant.

You may not always see it, but every passage of the Bible is included for a reason and a part of the story God gave us. We learn something about God’s character, love, and will for us when we read the Bible. Not every passage provides a heart-warming, eye-opening experience, but it can add to a strong foundation that will help you truly understand Scripture.

Bible Challenge: Include the Holy Spirit.

Before you begin reading the Bible, take a moment to pray for God to graciously let you learn something new about His character or will for your life as you read a portion of His Word. Decide to be excited about whatever truth He shows you, even if it is not something that immediately applies to your current most pressing need. He is growing you into a well-rounded Christian!

Are there other barriers holding you back?

Comment below, and let me know what’s keeping you from starting to read the Bible regularly.

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Wishing you a Scripture-confident Monday,