77 Reasons to Study the Old Testament and Enjoy Every Minute

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There are so many compelling reasons to NOT skip over the first 39 books of the Bible but rather study the Old Testament for all its worth. Check out this quick list of 77 benefits to studying the Old Testament… and find out why there has never been a better time to start than NOW!

Studying the Old Testament is so powerful. Plus, there is a tool inside that will teach to study the Bible well and enjoy Bible study more than ever before.

Let’s go!

  1. It's part of the Bible and therefore inspired by God.
  2. You need to know the beginning to understand the end.
  3. Find out what made the creation of this world “very good”.
  4. You’ll be amazed at just how relevant the Old Testament still is.
  5. God doesn’t change; the God of the Old Testament in your God.
  6. You’ll learn tons of amazing life-lessons.
  7. No longer be offended that Eve is called a “help-mate”.
  8. Catch Satan’s lies from the very beginning.
  9. Watch our sin nature begin and unfold.
  10. Understand which characters were considered “righteous” and why.
  11. See the gospel foreshadowed from the beginning of time.
  12. Learn tons about God’s attributes.
  13. Be challenged to give your life completely to God.
  14. Learn from Abraham’s character struggles and triumphs.
  15. Be challenged to forgive those who hurt you like Joseph.
  16. Weep with Sarah and others over infertility and learn from their responses.
  17. Watch Moses’ faith and trust in God grow over time.
  18. Find out how the nation of Israel began.
  19. Understand references to “the Law”.
  20. Watch God rescue His people time and time again.
  21. Find out where complaining will lead you.
  22. Learn about the strange-sounding laws the Israelites had to abide by.
  23. Find out why some life situations are not black and white.
  24. Watch God lead His people to the Promised Land.
  25. Be reminded of the importance of consulting God before making decisions.
  26. Learn how to get out of cycles of sinning and repenting.
  27. Read about how God challenged Gideon’s insecurities and made him courageous. 
  28. Know that you are not the only one who makes rash decisions when emotional.
  29. Be challenged by the many leaders who were a light in a time of darkness.
  30. Learn about how God’s people marked His faithfulness with monuments.
  31. Learn how a recommitment and mindset-change empowers us with courage and truth.
  32. Read historical accounts, poems, and love stories.
  33. See how even a Gentile made it into Jesus’ family line.
  34. Be challenged by the bold faith of Daniel and his friends.
  35. Let Daniel’s faith rituals and practices inspire you.
  36. Learn that prayer changes things.
  37. Be challenged to respond to God’s call.
  38. Find out why God is a better leader than any man.
  39. Find out what matters most to God.
  40. Be encouraged that God values your faith, no matter how the world views you.
  41. Be challenged to trust God more every day.
  42. Learn that anytime we sin, we ultimately sin against God.
  43. Learn that position, wisdom, and wealth does not save us.
  44. Fully understand why we need a Savior.
  45. See Christ prophecies long before He came to earth in flesh.
  46. Find out how the nation of Israel split. 
  47. Learn about how God interacted with believers before the Holy Spirit indwelled us all.
  48. Rejoice in seeing God’s power displayed many times over.
  49. Find answers to juicy theological questions.
  50. Understand that faith and culture have experienced conflicts since the beginning of time.
  51. Figure out if the New testament opposes or compliments the Old Testament.
  52. Wrestle with passages that just seem odd.
  53. Read about many wonders and miracles.
  54. Challenge your faith to new levels.
  55. Learn from leaders who came to faith early in life and others who were near the end.
  56. Watch how God disciplines and restores His nation.
  57. Learn about end-times prophecy.
  58. Know the context of many Old Testament promises.
  59. Find out tons about the culture of the time just by carefully reading the text.
  60. Get excited when you hear about God’s temple and what it represents.
  61. See believers come together for great causes.
  62. Watch God build faith in times of opposition and hardship.
  63. Be able to summarize the storyline of the Old Testament.
  64. Appreciate Jesus more than ever!
  65. See the full journey on which God has taken His people.
  66. Read about prophecies and see them fulfilled.
  67. Worship God through psalms and songs.
  68. Gain wisdom that withstands the ages.
  69. Find out that chasing wealth and prosperity does not satisfy.
  70. Find proverbs that address your innermost struggles.
  71. Learn how God provides meaning and purpose in your life.
  72. See both God’s holiness and grace.
  73. Imagine each story as it happened.
  74. Enjoy more than a history lesson in each book.
  75. Understand any New Testament quotation of the Old Testament in context.
  76. See how the Old Testament properly prepares us to receive Jesus.
  77. Be confident that you understand the whole Bible, not just a part of it.


There has never been a better time to start studying the Old Testament!

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