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Meditating on Truth: God does not Forget

One of the amazing things about serving the almighty and faithful God is this:

Even when we take our eyes off Him, He remains faithful. His promises to us stand in spite of us. He will not, cannot forget them.

Isaiah 49:16 reminded me of that truth - even though at first glance, I thought I was picking a whole other lesson. Thank God for the habit of reading verses in context. Let's take a look.

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Keeping An Eternal Perspective

What happens when you develop an eternal perspective on life - when you choose to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of earthly trouble? What does it mean to keep an eternal perspective that brings you peace in all circumstances?The apostles are amazing examples to us of believers totally given to a life of ministry, loving God and loving others, and advancing His kingdom. Let’s learn from them.

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Be Still and Know… How to Rest in Jesus

Recently, I took a few hours off to be by myself and get away with Jesus. I sat on bench by a fountain in town and envisioned myself in the presence of God - something that is always a reality, but I chose to focus in on this beautiful truth. My heart felt burdened and overloaded and I brought this feeling before God. In my heart, I spoke out, “Lord, please don’t take this as a feeling of ungratefulness. You are nothing but present with me and have blessed me in countless ways.” His gentle voice spoke back, “I know. I see your heart. You are not here to complain. You are here, so I can fill your cup.”

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How to praise God like King David

Praise is an essential part of worshipping God. We don’t approach our heavenly Father only to ask more of Him but also to remember not only what He has already given us but also Who He is. We praise Him simply for being God, our faithful Father, our loving Creator, our righteous King. 

How can we praise Him with worthy words? Let’s take the example of King David’s psalms.

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