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How to Prepare a Holiday Devotional Message

Have you been invited to give a short devotional message at a church holiday party? Or do you want to take your own Christmas party to the next level with a spiritual emphasis? Christ is the reason for the season, after all.

The responsibility of sharing a devotional message is wonderful but can be intimidating if you are new to it. Let's look at how to best prepare a short message and speak from your heart.

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How to Take Someone’s Fear of the Bible

“I don’t have a Bible degree.”

“I better ask for the pastor’s opinion rather than searching the Bible for an answer.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start and am too nervous to get it wrong.”

“Bible study is for teachers and leaders.”

Are you all too familiar with these sentiments? Do many women in your small group or Bible study desire to dig deep into Scripture but don’t believe they are capable? Are you encountering initial excitement followed by a whole lot of fear? Let’s counter those fears with truth and a plan.

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3 Keys to Benefitting from Awkward Silences

Let’s be honest. We have all experienced them. You know what I’m talking about. You pose a question to your small group, and the room just falls silent. Eyes are staring intently at pages or at nothing. Hands are fiddling. Everyone is feeling the awkwardness, but nobody says a word. Yes, there is a way to use these silences for good, and here is how…

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5 Ideas for Encouraging Bible Study During the Summer Months

Summer is here. The weather is inviting. Kids are on break from school, families like to travel, and the schedule changes for many women in our Bible studies. Some may find themselves with more or less time on their hands, or simply a different level of flexibility. Many Bible study groups take a break for the summer as meeting regularly as a complete group is less likely to happen. It gives teachers a little break too. But how can we encourage women to continue to study the Bible during the summer months? Here are some ideas.

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