Do you love hearing a preacher point out a little detail about a verse that you have always glanced over? Oh, what fun! The Bible never ceases to teach us. Do you wish you would find those nuances in your own study of God’s Word? You can. Don’t miss a thing.

Mini-Tip Monday

Welcome to Mini-Tip Monday. Give me three minutes of your week, and I’ll show you a quick and powerful Bible study hack to deepen your time in God’s Word. Is a complete tutorial too overwhelming? Or are you just hungry for more? Here is your bite-sized Bible tip to start off your week with Scripture confidence.

It’s good to read through a whole book of the Bible in one sitting, great to follow a reading plan a chapter at a time. It’s a super idea to study by paragraph and excellent to put a verse up on your fridge to memorize it. 

Consider focusing in even further and studying phrase by phrase. Why?

  • You won’t miss a thing: Some phrases only receive a glance as we are on our way to understand the full sentence in light of the whole passage. But when we slow down to look at each phrase, you’ll pay attention to those little nuances and qualifications.
  • Consider the significance: When you spot that easily missed phrase, pause to take in it’s significance. Does it change the way you approach the rest of the verse? Does it give you a hint on how to obey this command?
  • A richer experience: Especially when your reading plan shows a passage you’ve read many times before, pausing to consider each phrase will give you new insight. It reminds you: God’s Word never stops to grow your faith in Jesus Christ!

Let me give you an example.

“But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.” James 1:25

Read as a whole, I learn from this verse that when I read and obey the Word of God, I will be blessed in it. When I slow down to consider each phrase, I also notice the following:

  • Intently: This person is reading Scripture with intention and focus. 
  • Perfect: God’s Word is inerrant and perfect. It is our trustworthy measure of truth.
  • Freedom: God’s Word gives freedom. We talk about obeying God, which sounds restricting to many of us, but the truth is that following God brings freedom.
  • Continues: What does it mean to continue in God’s Word? The verse actually explains it. We are to not forget what we read but rather implement it.

The qualifications of claiming that blessing have been clarified for us, haven’t they?!

I encourage you, as often as possible, to slow down and consider each phrase of a verse. Don’t miss a thing, better understand the Bible, and experience God more fully through His Word.

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Take one of the verses you’ve read today and share below what you learn by considering each phrase.

Have a Scripture-confident Monday.