Empowering Women to Study the Bible

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Teachers' Lounge

Hello Bible-study teachers, small-group leaders, and Christian mentors! Refine your leadership and teaching skills with these practical tips. Browse the site for resources for your students and personal enrichment, then come back for teaching tips and solidarity.

I love hearing from you ladies via email, Facebook, or blog post comments. When you write me, I get to know you better. 

Several of such emails and comments have led me to realize that a growing number of Bible-study teachers are following this blog. It’s exciting to know there are many others passionate about empowering women to study the Bible with growing confidence. 

What better way to celebrate than by starting a new blog post category called “Teachers' Lounge”! I plan on posting to this category every other Friday.

Do you love teaching women to study the Bible? Check out this set of resources. | Scripture Confident Living

What can you expect from the “Teachers' Lounge” blog posts?

Here are some topics I’ve got planned: (I’ll link them as they go live.)

  • How to Foster Authentic Community
  • 3 Keys to Benefiting from Awkward Silences
  • 5 Ideas for Encouraging Bible Study During the Summer Months
  • How to Answer Common Objections to the Bible
  • How to Take the Fear out of Bible Study

What else would you like to read about?

I set out to write about topics that help you empower women to study the Bible. We are parts of the same mission, so let’s work together.

Bible teachers/group leaders/mentors, help me serve you by answering 3 questions in the comment section below:

  1. What are your biggest obstacles in teaching women how to study the Bible?
  2. What area of your teaching/leading/mentoring needs growth?
  3. What resources would make your role easier?

The answers to these questions will help me provide content that actually helps you teach, mentor, and encourage the ladies in your life, whom God has laid on your heart.

How can you encourage one another?

If you have a question or comment about one of the “Teachers' Lounge” blog posts, share your thoughts in the comments and allow others to interact with them. In turn, see if you can be of encouragement to someone else.

If there is enough interest, I would love to open a Teachers' Lounge Facebook group, where we could encourage each other and share resources. If you would be interested in joining and interacting in such a group, please email me at ellen@scriptureconfidentliving.com