Meditating on Truth: I am His Work in Progress

Do you ever feel like you can't live up to the high standards the Bible has for a biblical woman? I feel like that sometimes when I read Proverbs 31. Meditating on a verse from this passage reminded me of the important piece that I often miss - and that happens to change everything.

How to Meditate on Scripture by Coloring

Becoming a Proverbs 31 woman is truly God's work in us. Meditate on Scripture. | Scripture Confident Living

I am not an artist by any means, as you will see this month... This exercise has not been about creating beautiful art but about dwelling on God's Word. If you are an artist and can create beauty in the process, more power to you! That's wonderful.

Here are a few tips to make this a life-changing experience:

  1. Read the verse in context before you begin coloring. That way, as you spend your time dwelling on Scripture, you have a much better idea of what it's actually talking about. Skipping this step can lead to some serious misinterpretation of Scripture.
  2. Consider each phrase of the verse when coloring and dwell on the truth it presents. What difference can/should this truth make in your life?
  3. Pray as you color and think. Ask God to help you internalize and apply the verse in front of you. Ask Him to help you more strongly rely on Him!
  4. Snap a picture of your verse and text it to someone you love with an encouraging note. Who needs the reminder of this verse and a little recap of how God just used it in your life?

I initially chose the following verse from the "Word in Color"  Bible verse coloring book because I was looking for a character challenge. I had already picked a verse that reminded me of God's help in every challenge and the greatness of God's character

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25

It is another popular verse that you have probably seen in many places on the web. I chose to color this page and meditate on this verse and passage to explore that gut feeling I had at first glance.

The gut feeling that says, "I am not her. I cannot live up to her standards."

The Proverbs 31 woman seems to have it all together, right? She tirelessly works, earns a living, runs her home in a manner that her husband and kids praise her -- all with that sense of strength and dignity and without a care in the world.

Why is that? What's her secret?

This is where I had to pull in my knowledge of God and human beings. None of us are really "all that". When we get it right, it's usually because God enabled us. He gives us strength. He grows our character.

I spent two days of my quiet time meditating on this verse/passage. On the first day, I colored in the flourishes and allowed myself to remember the truth that God was behind the greatness of this woman - the same God who lives within me.

It is not by my own strength that I strive to live a life honoring to God but by His.

On day two, I considered this verse more closely:

  1. She is clothed with strength and dignity: I can't help but feel that these are inner qualities that show on the outside. Again, God has done work in this woman's heart. He has provided her strength and grown her into a woman of honorable character. She wears these qualities like clothing - visible, actively putting them on.
  2. She laughs without fear of the future: This woman doesn't have a care in the world. Why? It is because she trusts God. She has probably seen Him work in her life, knows of His wonderous character - all truths we have already considered in this article series. There we have it again. That sense of peace and calm. Resting in the Lord makes a difference... and that's why we are focusing on meditating on God's Word.

My best friend and I had recently been talking about this truth - that it is not by our own strength we should seek to better ourselves. Rather, we should continue to ask God to change us from the inside out. I sent her this verse and shared with her that I was once again reminded of this truth from our last conversation.

I am curious: What is your typical reaction when reading Proverbs 31? Let me know in the comments below.

May you be encouraged by today's reminder that God is at work within you!

❤️ Ellen