10 Myths about In-Depth Bible Study that Keep You from Meaningful Time with God

What’s keeping you from studying the Bible in depth? Turn a corner today and connect with God over meaningful time in His Word.


You’ve landed on the Scripture Confident Living page, and if you’ve been following for any amount of time, you know this site is all about digging deep into Scripture with growing confidence.

But what if something is holding you back? The idea of independent, in-depth Bible study sounds good for a while but something is always holding you back.

Let’s combat 10 myths that keep believers from studying the Bible in depth.

1. In-depth studies are for the pros.

Not true! In-depth Bible study is for every believer. God gave us Scripture as a guide. To follow Him faithfully means to learn about Him and His will for us by studying the Bible.

2. In-depth studies are dry.

They don’t have to be! In fact, if you are digging deep into the living Word of God, you should feel comforted, excited, or convicted in a way that changes your life. If anything, skimming over a quick Bible passage just to get it done can feel “dry”. In-depth Bible study is much richer.

3. It’s either nerdy or relevant, never both.

What?! Who are these nerd-haters? 😉 Nerdy Bible facts and interpretations should always make our Bible study more relevant. How? By helping us better understand God and the truths of His Word. Remember to always apply what you are learning instead of stopping with the nerdy Bible facts. Ask yourself, “How should this change the way I view myself, God, and the world?” That’s the gold!

4. It takes too much effort.

Friend, the Word of God is worth every piece of effort. I doubt any of us actually would cling to this hang-up out loud, but it’s good to recognize it creeping in. Don’t shy away from spending all your brain cells on the treasure of His Word. It contains your soul food for today and tomorrow.

5. I don’t have time for it.

It’s all about prioritizing! Just 15 minutes a day can get you a long way. Remember, you don’t have to study at a certain speed or study a passage in all its depth in one day. Discover as much as you can and leave the rest for tomorrow. You’ve got the time, and there is no rush!

6. I’ll never follow through.

Oh, I feel your pain. I certainly know what it’s like to be paralyzed by past failures and simply feel like giving up. I’ve experienced this in the area of healthy eating and exercise over and over again. I’m praying that God would deliver you from this discouragement right now and fill you with the truth of His empowering grace. Set a plan, make time for Bible study and prayer daily, and celebrate every morning spent with Him. Don’t focus on the days you didn’t study. Understand you are on a journey with God and stopping for soul food from His Word whenever you can.

7. I just don’t understand it.

That would certainly lead to discouragement. But don’t give up. You can learn how to study the Bible with skill and lots of available resources. Check out the Scripture Confident through the Bible series for the best possible foundation in just one year. Read through the Bible’s storyline on select passages while first learning beginner, then intermediate Bible study skills. By this time next year, you’ll be a pro, studying Scripture like a Bible College student. You’ll love it!

8. I can’t do it because I can’t do it alone.

Good news! You don’t have to. Ask a Christian friend to study with you. Join a Bible study group at your church, or join our online community, My Scripture Confident Life. Studying Scripture with others is so enriching, no matter how confident you are in your solo skills. God made us for to live in community, so there is no need for isolation.

9. Commentaries are not my thing.

I know commentaries can be scary or undesirable. Many are written for scholars who know Greek and Hebrew, and there are so many unrecognizable scribbles that you can’t focus on a single sentence flow. However, there are lots of commentaries that were written for the everyday believer. Check out this article for help.

What is keeping you from studying the Bible in-depth? This article busts 10 common myths and encourages you to get started. | Scripture Confident Living

10. It takes the spontaneity out of Bible study.

Having a plan to study the Bible in depth or systematically doesn’t mean you can’t take a “day off” to study something that’s on your heart. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Bible study shouldn’t ever become about checking something off a list. Instead, we should come to Scripture for nourishment and the desire to grow closer to God. Check out the resource, Think Biblically, for a tutorial on studying Bible topics that matter to you.

I hope you are encouraged and ready to dive into studying Scripture in depth. If you are new to this concept or want to help someone who is, I highly recommend taking your first year to lay a foundation with Scripture Confident through the Bible. You’ll really get a chance to see the big picture so you can study every passage in context from here on out. You’ll also have the proper skills for studying the Bible so you are not confused or even mislead.

The Bible is such a treasure and blessing. I want you to be able to read it for all it’s worth and see it as your key tool to grow in your understanding of and relationship with your Heavenly Father.

Remember, in-depth Bible study is not about head knowledge but about life change. You’ll love the impact the Word will have on you every day.

Is something keeping you from studying the Bible in depth? Share with us so we can help you get started.