This site is dedicated to advice on how to study the Bible independently and with other believers. I am passionate about giving you tools to allow you to become a better steward of God’s Word. And yet, there is a Teacher much greater than I. It’s the Holy Spirit, and He is essential to Bible study success. It is He who brings understanding, conviction, and heart change. So how can you invite the Holy Spirit into your Bible study time?

Mini-Tip Monday

Welcome to Mini-Tip Monday. Give me three minutes of your week, and I’ll show you a quick and powerful Bible study hack to deepen your time in God’s Word. Is a complete tutorial too overwhelming? Or are you just hungry for more? Here is your bite-sized Bible tip to start off your week with Scripture confidence.


The Holy Spirit is our ever-present Helper. He lives within us; our body is His temple. So isn’t He a part of whatever we do? In a sense, yes. He is always present. However, as God has not taken our free will from us, we can open or close our hearts towards Him. We can chose to listen or go our own way. We can focus our eyes on heaven or on earth.

Bible study can become a mundane routine when we go at it with our own strength or out of guilt to check this “Christian act” off our to-do list. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Invite to Holy Spirit into your quiet time with prayer. Pray for:


Ask the Holy Spirit to block all distractions and help you give all your attention to the Word of God for the next little while.


The Word of God is foolishness to the unbeliever but life-giving to those who follow Him because the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to understand the Bible in a new light.


Beyond reading and understanding God’s Word, we want to be doers of it. So pray for the Holy Spirit to convict you of any sin within your life that needs correction.


Has the Holy Spirit convicted you? Guess what?! He won’t leave you hanging. Ask God to change your heart, give you strength to obey Him, and grow you towards unwavering faith in Him.

Share with us below how you have experienced the Holy Spirit’s guidance in one of these four ways. Praise God we are not alone in this.

Have a Scripture-confident Monday and remember: Don’t study the Bible in your own strength. Stay God-dependent!