Join the James Bible Study, starting March 5th!

Next week, March 5th, we will begin to study through the Book of James alongside the study guide, "Awaken Faith: Unlocking the New Testament Letters with an In-Depth Study of the Book of James." I hope you join us.


You are invited to join our study of the Book of James for the month of March 2018.

Why study the Book of James?

  1. It's one of the most practical, application-driven books of the Bible and will challenge you to love God by loving people. 
  2. James uses beautiful pictures to make his point - and we are going to learn how to interpret them.
  3. This is Scripture Confident Living, so while we study through the Book of James, you will also learn study strategies to study the next epistle on your own.



We will begin our study of the book of James on Monday, March 5th!

We will study through two chapters of the "Awaken Faith" study guide every week.

I will post a blog article every Monday and Wednesday to accompany this study.

I highly recommend purchasing the Bible study guide to dig into the book of James on your own as you follow along.

"Awaken Faith" is available in digital (pdf) and paperback version here.

More Than a Study Guide

Do you ever wish you could examine Scripture for yourself, without having to find a quality Bible study guide every time? Let’s get you one step closer to that dream.

While digging deep into the Book of James, learn how to study any New Testament letter on your own. With strategies like collecting background information, reading in the context of the gospel, and list-building, you’ll confidently study the next epistle without a guide.

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