The Old Testament Storyline in 300 Words

The Old Testament is intimidating to many believers. It seems long, confusing, out-dated, and maybe even irrelevant. However, the storyline of the Old Testament is an amazing account of God’s love and interaction with His people. It helps us understand the arrival of Jesus, our Savior, and our need for His sacrifice on our behalf. Don’t miss this essential portion of the Bible.

Here is a summary of the Old-Testament storyline in 300 words - 309 to be exact - taken from the recent article, “Is This Promise for Me? Part 2”:

the Old Testament in 300 words!

God creates the world, including Adam and Eve. When those two sin against God, sin enters the world. However, God continues to lead His people from patriarch to patriarch. He leads Noah. He leads Abraham. He leads Isaac and Jacob. God changes Jacob's name to Israel, declaring that He will make his family a nation. His 12 sons become the 12 tribes of Israel. God leads this people out of Egyptian captivity with Moses as their leader and guides them through the wilderness for many years. God finally gives them the Promised Land and rules via prophets and judges until the nation of Israel asks for a king. God calls first Saul, then David, to the throne, followed by Solomon. Solomon dies, and his son becomes the next ruler. The majority of Israel rebels against him as king and the nation splits into two: Judah (actually the tribes of Judah and Benjamin) and the remaining ten tribes of Israel. Both Judah and Israel go through several generations of kings, most of them disobedient to God but some faithful. God warns Israel through the prophets that if His people continue in their sin, He will have them captured by Babylon. As Israel continues to disobey God, the day comes that both Israel and Judah are captured and scattered around the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires. Stories like that of “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” took place during the time of captivity. God promised all along that one day He would restore Israel as a united nation. He finally does so around the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, who led the people in rebuilding the temple and city walls. More prophets rose up to warn the newly reunited Israel to remain faithful to God to avoid further punishment. What follows is a period of silence before Christ enters the scene in the New Testament.


How can so many books of the Bible be summed up in one paragraph?

Of course, this is a very brief overview of the Old Testament. My hope is that it will get you started exploring this portion of the Bible. Don’t let it be your only interaction! If you are curious how each of the Old Testament books contribute to this storyline, check out the popular article, “Tracing the Bible’s Storyline through 66 Books.” You’ll get the same, beneficial concept for the New Testament as well. 

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