5 Everyday Hacks That Will Save You an Hour a Day

Do you want to save an hour a day? These gadgets and services will save you time doing something you dread, so you can spend more valuable time doing what you love.


You know that feeling that there is simply too much to do and not enough time to do it? It causes us to stress and robs us of peace.

Let's take back an hour of our time each day with these 5 hacks. Save time on mundane tasks you barely tolerate and spent peaceful time with family, friends, and your Savior instead.

Clean Up Quickly

The Swoop Bag


If you have young kids, check out these swoop bags. Legos, Shopkins, tiny Disney character figurines... swoop them up with one pull. No more dumping containers and finding wayward pieces all over your house - likely because you stepped on one! 

The swoop bag makes toys portable and lays them out and stores them away quickly and efficiently.

Grandparents: Put this on your gift list for your Lego and Shopkins loving grandkids. Your kids will thank you!


Robot Vaccums

I definitely have laundry whenever I see these little robot vacuums that basically do the job for you.

Let the robot vacuum your house while you do something more fun. I mean, it sounds like a sci-fi movie but it isn't!

I have heard nothing but good things about these vacuums. The Roomba seems to be the most popular, but other (less expensive) models are available, too.

When will you treat yourself to one of these little time savers?

Simplify Laundry

Who doesn't want a way to spend less time on the seemingly endless pile of laundry in the house?

Divided Laundry Hampers

Start with a divided hamper. Instead of rummaging through a pile of dirty clothes on laundry day, save some time by tossing clothes in the bin with other items that will go into the same load. 

Is the basket full? Time to wash a load at a time. Pro tip: Wash, fold, put away in one day - it takes less time than you think and it will be a load off your mind. (Oun intended! 😉)

I divide mine by dark, white, towels, and kids. Though I combine the kids laundry into ours once in a while, this allows me to pick the load that most desperately needs a replenish in the closet. 


Clothes Steamer

Do you hate ironing as much as I do? Setting up a whole station and flattening each shirt every which way is such a process.

Ironing used to be my most dreaded chore of them all. Now I never even use my iron thanks to my clothes steamer. It's my favorite time-saving hacks.

Plug it in anywhere, hold the shirt up on a hanger with one hand, drag the steamer along the creases with the other.

Tada! The job is done in no time. So much better!

Organize Your Paperwork

No more rummaging through piles of paper to find what you need. Don't occur another late fee for not paying a bill that got lost in the shuffle. You need a good filing system.

The Physical Filing Route

I am all for an organized desk, so here is my recommendation:

  1. Get a spacious filing cabinet with plenty of file folders. Use it for all of the papers you need to keep but don't access often. 
  2. Get a wall-hanging filing system with some decorative folders for all the files you need to access regularly such as school papers or unfinished house projects. 
  3. Get a paper-sized basket for bills that need to be paid and other urgent to-do's. These can't get lost in a pile of papers. Find them right away to quickly take care of when you have a spare minute.

Too much paper mess for your taste?

The Digital Filing Route

Skip 99% of all this filing with a document scanner. Scan all of your important papers and file them away electronically instead. 

Scan papers, then name your file well so you can find them again with just a few button clicks. 

On your computer, open a folder called "files" as well as several sub-category folders like "school work", "house project", "tax-related", "medical" and so forth.

This will not only save you time but space in your house. Double win!

Quick Beauty Tips

Save time on your beauty routine with all the helpful products on the market these days like dry shampoo, in-shower lotion, and round brushed with a hair dryer function. Get ready in half the time!

save lengthy trips to the store

Grocery shopping always takes longer than expected, but now you can save yourself the trip while saving money at the same time.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup is my first golden tip. It's my favorite and almost exclusive way to shop for groceries these days. You pick out all of your groceries online at low Walmart prizes, skip impulse shopping and long check-out isles, and pick a time to drive by Walmart and have someone load all of your groceries into your car. This was a life-saver during my recent shoulder injury, and now I'm hooked. 

Never tried it? Get $10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pickup order here. (Just enter your name and email address to receive a $10 coupon from Walmart. Refer friends to save even more.)

Subscribe & Save

What about those items Walmart doesn't carry like specific health food items and higher-end beauty products? Check Amazon - because you know they have just about everything. The great perk is that many grocery items are available on Subscribe & Save

Do you prefer a fancier shampoo, not available in most drug stores? Amazon will carry it at much lower prices than a hair salon - and likely offer you an additional discount if you "subscribe" to buy the item every few months. (And yes, you can cancel or defer a shipment at any time.)

Amazon Fresh

Did you know you can order fresh produce on Amazon and have them delivered directly to you door? You don't even need to leave your house; talk about saving time! 

Amazon Fresh is available to Amazon Prime members in all major metro areas in the US and growing. Enter zip code when signing up to check for availability.

Click here to start a free trial.

What are your favorite time-saving gadgets? Share them with us in the comments below.

Wishing you less stressful moments doing what you dread and more peaceful moments doing what you love!


Check out these five productivity hacks that will save you an hour a day. | Scripture Confident Living