7 Reasons to Study the Bible with Other Believers

For any believer, time in God’s Word is essential. The Bible is our guide to knowing God and His will. Without it, we wander through the world blindly, not discerning right from wrong. Maybe you have begun reading your Bible regularly on your own. That’s wonderful! My challenge to you today is this: Are you regularly studying the Bible with other believers? I highly recommend it. It’s so beneficial. Here is why…

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These are the benefits of studying the Bible with others

It is true that it’s perfectly permissible and even advisable to study the Bible independently. After all, isn’t it Scripture Confident Living’s mission to empower women to study the Bible with growing confidence? 

When I talk about studying the Bible independently, I mean that every believer should read Scripture and learn how to understand it. Each of us should spend time in God’s Word and be able to use it as a guide for godly living. No believer should be dependent on having someone else essentially study the Bible “for” them.

However, I do not use the phrase “studying the Bible independently” to suggest that we should not depend on one another within the body of Christ. I don’t see God’s Word teaching anything of the sort. Even the Bereans in Acts 17, who are a prime example of studying Scripture, did so together to discern if Paul’s teaching was in line with the Word of God. 

Why is it beneficial to study the Bible with one another?

1. Automatic accountability:

When we study the Bible with one another, we have built-in accountability. We may not even need to ask our friend to specifically check in with us regarding our Bible-reading habits. If we are all on the same reading plan, we are motivated to stay on the same page with one another to be able to contribute to the conversation.

2. Built in “checks and balances”:

A group of believers together are less likely to all make the same interpretation mistake as one individual. We all come to the passage with slightly different eyes and backgrounds and are more likely to discern the author’s original meaning when working together.

3. Building authentic community:

Authentic relationships blossom when we study and discuss the Bible with one another. When we truly use the Bible like a mirror (James 1:23) and allow it to speak into our lives - and we do this around other believers - we are challenged to be vulnerable with one another. In return, we comfort and challenge one another.

4. Community is the heart of God for His Church:

Just do a word search for “unity” or “one another” on a search engine like biblegateway.com, and you will see how much Jesus and the apostles emphasize community.

5. Shared joy multiplies:

When one of us is excited about God’s Word, it pleases God. If we share that excitement with one another, we spread that joy like wildfire. Let your excitement for God’s Word be contagious, and let your friends’ faith inspire you. 

6. No better activity:

What could be better to do with Christian friends than studying the Bible? If we want to grow in our faith together, Bible study should be a natural part of it because God’s Word is our guide to life.

7. Organic discipleship:

When we study the Bible together, we fill our lives with discipleship moments. One of us is bound to have studied a topic more than another and can teach the other. Have you grown more confident in your Bible study abilities lately? Why not invite someone to come alongside you and teach them what you’ve learned?

You’ve got the WHY - next Monday, I’ll discuss the HOW. I’m curious: What’s keeping you from studying the Bible in a group of believers? Comment below to let me know.

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Have a Scripture-confident Monday,