3 Ways to Study the Bible with One Another in a Busy World

We live in a world filled with people running to get places. We all navigate full schedules and many responsibilities. Making regular time for something important isn’t easy - especially when we have to coordinate schedules with other people. While we may study the Bible on our own, we don’t see a plausible way to allow for a Bible study with other people. 

My last Monday Mini-Tip was about the importance of studying the Bible with others. Let’s talk about how to make it happen…

Mini-Tip Monday

Welcome to Mini-Tip Monday. Give me three minutes of your week, and I’ll show you a quick and powerful Bible study hack to deepen your time in God’s Word. Is a complete tutorial too overwhelming? Or are you just hungry for more? Here is your bite-sized Bible tip to start off your week with Scripture confidence.

The early church - as described in the book of Acts - met daily in public and in each other’s homes. We get the picture that their lives were completely interconnected. I wonder if it came easy to them.

Today, authentic and committed community is sadly a rare treasure. We are an individualistic society and often have to work hard at building an authentic community. Interestingly enough, we have so many opportunities to easily connect with one another through modern technology. Life has become a lot easier and less time-consuming than it was during the early-church days. We have multiple avenues of connecting, so let nothing stop us!

Here are my suggestions for studying the Bible with other believers, even when your schedule is filled.

1. A typical Bible study:

I am sure your church offers many small groups or Bible-study groups. (They may have a slightly different name at your church.) Ask your pastor for more information. Many believers still prefer classic Bible studies that meet in person every week. They make sure we get quality, focused face-to-face time with one another. Can you set aside two hours a week for this type of community?

2. Do life together:

If you can’t join a typical Bible-study group, meet with a friend or two for coffee, grocery shopping, hobbies, play dates, etc. Invite a friend or two to join you in your every-day activities. Decide together that you’ll study through a portion of the Bible at the same pace. When you meet up for whatever activity, set some time aside to talk about what you’ve learned since your last meet-up. How has God challenged you? What questions did you have? What was encouraging?

3. Join or start an online study:

There are many ministries that offer online Bible studies - one day I hope to join the ranks. If you’d rather not enter a Bible study with people you don’t know, you could start your own with some friends. Take the same concept from suggestion #2 and move your “meetings” online. Open a Facebook group together and use it to post about what you’ve been reading. Comment on one another’s posts to interact online.

Find more suggestions here.

What is your favorite way to connect with friends over Scripture? How have you benefitted from your time together? What challenges have you faced? Comment below to share.

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Have a Scripture-confident Monday,