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Making Bible Study A Habit

Have you ever wondered how to make Bible study a habit? I mean, start strong and keep reading Scripture daily? Reading the Bible every day is such a valuable Christian discipline. Let me help you get started and loving it!But how can you get started? Whether you have tried before (and possibly failed) or are brand-new to developing a Bible-study habit, here are some tips to start this new habit.

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5 Ways to Put the Bible on Your New Years Resolution List

I love this time of year because I am all for planning and goal-setting. Nothing says "new beginning" like New Years Day. Do you set goals for the year? If so, does the word "Bible" appear on your resolution list?

Here are five ways to plan for a Scripture-filled year.

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Build a Bible translation power combo

If you are bilingual, have taken a foreign language class, or have a close friend whose first language is different from yours, you are familiar with one truth about languages: Nuances and meanings don’t always fully translate. When your bilingual friend wants to explain one of his culture’s popular phrases, he may first give you a very literal translation, then compare his phrase with a popular American one that uses different words to communicate a similar concept, then combine the two for a happy medium.

Can we replicate this for the Bible to take in God’s words more fully? 

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Tracing the Bible's Storyline Through 66 Books

Of course you love the Bible. I mean, you are a believer so loving the Bible is part of that, right? Like yesterday, you saw this verse on Pinterest: “He heals the broken hearted. Psalm 147:3” or this one on Facebook: “Everything is possible for one who believes. Mark 9:23.” How can those verses not warm your heart and have you calling out: “Oh, the powerful Word of God.”

You’ve seen portions of the Bible - maybe you’ve even done a read-through - but there are so many different texts, you are still wondering: What is the Bible about? Now you hear me saying there is actually one storyline in the Bible and your sceptic radar is going off. How is that possible when every page you turn seems to talk about a different topic. 

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