Understanding Current Events through the Lens of Scripture

Taking a biblical stance on current issues like gun control, gay marriage, and abortion can be tricky but is a vital part of our Christian life. Let's understand current events through the lens of Scripture.


Most days, our news feeds are filled with sadness and controversy. Our desire is to take a stance, the right stance, the stance that God would support. While we may not know for sure how God feels about the nuances and politics behind many of the controversies we wrestle with today, here are 5 questions we can ask to begin to understand current events through the lens of Scripture.

In order to better illustrate these points and the purpose behind each of these five questions, I'm going to use the example of homosexuality/gay marriage. 

Churches across this nation answer these five questions on homosexuality very differently. Responses range from denying that homosexuality is a sin to ostracizing homosexuals. Most evangelical churches still adhere to the belief that homosexuality is a sin but that we should love the person who struggles with it. 

The world often does not like these responses. However, as believers, we desire to live according to God's standards, not the world's.

How to take a biblical stance on issues like gun control, gay marriage, and abortion. | Scripture Confident Living

Let's consider these 5 questions.

1. What does God think?

Our starting point should always be to determine how God feels about an issue, not how we feel or how the Church feels or how the world feels. We have to start by examining our hearts and deciding that, above all, we want to follow God, search for His opinion, and take it as truth.  

2. What is the Bible’s stance on...?

God is the author of truth and the Bible is our measure. So search Scripture to find out what God thinks about homosexuality, for example. You may ask your friends. You may ask a Christian mentor. You may watch YouTube videos of opinions from both sides. But your first and deciding source needs to be Scripture. Let the Bible define your beliefs.

3. What should be my attitude towards people?

Even after you have made up your mind that homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, you have to ask this next question. How does God want you to act towards individuals who struggle with homosexuality? I propose that God wants us to speak the truth in love, be full of grace, and desire salvation over correction of a certain sin. After all, it is through our faith in Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives that we are able to overcome sin. We do not overcome sin on our own.

Note that this is our third question. I have seen people make the mistakes of skipping right to this step and asking how God wants us to love people, even homosexuals. In order to truly answer that question though, we have to answer the first two: What does God think? What is the Bible's stance on homosexuality? 

We can be swept up by the world in an effort to be accepting and loving. We may believe that we should not push our standards on unbelievers -  and in some way, I confirmed a similar notion by saying we should be concerned about their salvation more than their compliance with our standard. However, some, in an effort to not push their beliefs on another, have allowed others to push their beliefs on them. Let's stand firm on God's truth.

4. What role should the government play in this?

This, indeed, is another, separate question. Christians may agree on the answers to questions 1-3 but differ in their opinion of the government's role. In other words, a Christian may believe that homosexuality is a sin according to Scripture and that we should "love the sinner and hate the sin”, as it's often said, but they may disagree on the government's role. Should gay marriage be permitted or denied? This question considers more than someone's stance on homosexuality. It considers the role of the government.

5. What role should the Church (and I) play in this?

You may have answered this already in question 3. But let's make it more personal. Does your church welcome people from all walks of life - I mean really welcome them? Would they be comfortable coming to your church? If they became believers, is your church willing to address homosexuality as a sin issue in their lives?

And even more personal... What role may God be asking you to play? Are you loving towards people, no matter how uncomfortable they make you feel? Are you a good friend? Are you willing to stand up for your beliefs?

In the example of homosexuality, this is also where you would ask questions related to your specific circumstances. Should you bake a cake for a gay couple who is getting married? Should you attend a friend's wedding to a person of the same sex? Only you can answer that question after taking a look at each of these 5 questions and your specific situation. Don’t forget to pray for wisdom, pray for impact, pray for the salvation of the lost. 

The stories in our news feed may change, but the Word of God does not. Learn how to get the most out of your tine in Scripture by studying the topics that really matter to you. The more we learn to see the world through the lens of Scripture, the more we will truly think biblically.

So tell me, which issue are you current wrestling through and desiring to know the Bible's input? Get your printables and tutorial (click on the above image) and get studying!

❤️ Ellen