The Word on Christmas: Jesus' Birth in Light of Scripture


Let's get excited about Christmas - not just the holiday fun, family traditions, and heart-warming decor - let's get excited about the arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

When we follow the Bible's story, this - the season right before Jesus comes on the scene - is a time of divinely-inspired waiting. If this were a movie, we'd be walking in right during the part when everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats. But to really understand that, we have to back up a little. We want to understand why everyone is waiting and who they are waiting for. Then we can truly appreciate the presentation of His arrival laid out in Scripture.

I want to take you on that journey this December. "The Word on Christmas" series offers you an amazing combo of…

  1. Building your anticipation for Christmas: The Bible has a storyline. It’s the story of redemption. The Old Testament leads us up to this event: Jesus comes to be our King and Savior. Throughout the Old Testament, God shows His people their need for a Savior. We cannot save ourselves. He is about to come onto the scene.

  2. Learning a quick Bible study tip to deepen your time in God's Word from here on out. Scripture Confident Living is all about giving you all the resources and skills you need to dig deep into Scripture on your own. I want you to feel confident when you pick up the Word of God and seek to grow your faith by studying it.

  3. Deepening your quiet time with a FREE Bible study worksheet that will accompany each blog post. You'll get to practice a new Bible study tip and spend valuable time worshipping God with Scripture and prayer. Click each picture below to read the post and request your Bible study worksheet.

Get into the spirit of Christmas in one afternoon or enjoy one devotional and Bible study guide each Advent Sunday. Either way, you will grow in your appreciation for this season and learn valuable Bible study tips in the process. Start praying now about what God may want to teach you through His Word in the upcoming year. It is my prayer that this Christmas series will only serve to make you hungry for more time in God’s Word and curious about the study skills left to explore to deepen your experience with the Word of God.

Get started with these four articles…

Have a Christ-centered, Scripture-filled December! 

❤️ Ellen

Wow, a devotional series that digs deep, teaches Bible study tips, and gives you free Bible worksheets. Get on board and learn how the Bible builds anticipation for Jesus' birth.