5 Ways Topical Studies Can Strengthen Your Faith Walk

Sometimes we start a topical study out of curiosity. We are wondering what the Bible says about this or that. But ultimately, we want to know that our Bible study is going to draw us closer to God.


Topical studies can help us mature in our faith in many ways. Let’s consider these:

1. Learn more about God.

After all, it’s Him we worship with our everyday lives and Him we want to honor in what we do. Topical studies can help. Why not focus on studying one of His attributes like His steadfast, gracious, or protecting nature?

You'll learn more about Him intellectually, but you'll also remind your soul to rest in Him always. You'll fall deeper in love with your God.


2. Overcome sin and reach personal goals.

A big part of having a vibrant faith walk is growing our character and striving to be more like Christ. And, yes, that means ditching sin and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

A study on anger, selfishness, or laziness may be in order. See exactly what God has to say to you about those weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Maybe you would like to do a study on disciple-making or teaching the Bible because you'd like to step outside of your comfort zone and serve the kingdom in a new way.

3. See current events in light of Scripture.

Our news feed is full of sadness some days, often followed by article after article of opinions on the events - and usually, those stories are thick with agendas on both sides.

What if instead of relying on our favorite newscaster to form our opinion, we went back to the word of God and studied to hear His opinion?

Let's keep Scripture as our measure of truth.

4. Seek God’s direction.

Life gives us all kinds of forks in the road. We need God's help to know which way to go. The Bible is not secretly hiding the answers to all of our specific life questions, but it is our guide nonetheless. In order to make biblical decisions, we have to search Scripture.

Consider the values behind your decision and its consequences. Do they match the heart of God?

5. Think biblically.

The more you read and study the Bible, the more you'll begin to think biblically. This is true of topical and chronological studies. Flood your mind with Scripture, and before you know it, you'll know more clearly where God is leading, what stance to take on hot-button issues in the news, and how to keep growing closer to God.

Studying the Bible by topic allows you to focus on exactly what you'd like to learn from God's Word right now. Whether you'd like to take a stance on an issue or make a lifestyle change, the Bible has the truth you need to make it happen.

When you learn how to study the Bible by topic, you're creating endless possibilities for a relevant time in God's Word. In the comment section, tell me what you would like to learn from God's Word this week?

I can't wait to hear about all of the lessons God will teach you through His Word.