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Join the James Bible Study, starting March 5th!

Next week, March 5th, we will begin to study through the Book of James alongside the study guide, "Awaken Faith: Unlocking the New Testament Letters with an In-Depth Study of the Book of James." I hope you join us.

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From Confused to Confident: Taking the Guesswork out of Bible Study

Does the idea of studying Scripture independently make you nervous? Have you ever thought, "I wish I could approach the Bible with confidence, but I am truly confused when I pick up this precious Book"?

Let's take the confusion out of Bible study and build a habit of studying Scripture regularly, independently, and confidently. 

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Christian Bloggers Share Their Favorite Prayer Resource

What happens when you ask a group of Christian bloggers about their favorite resource to grow your prayer life? They’ll share their top book recommendations, insights, and encouragement. Why? It’s because all of us seek to grow in this important part of our relationship with God: Communicating with the Creator of life, honoring Him inner speech while approaching Him just as we are.

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9 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Bible-Study Guide

With thousands of Bible study guides in the market place, how do you pick one? Which guide will teach you more about your Christian faith, about God, and His will? Rather than reading a “Christian Living” book or devotional, choose a Bible study guide that lets you dive into God’s Word. Consider these 9 things as you choose…

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How to Choose Your Best-Fit Bible Commentary

You are looking for a Bible commentary? Awesome; I’d love to help. There are so many commentaries out there - long, short, digital, print - I can see why your head is spinning. I think it’s great you are taking this step to find one that works for you.

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