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Scripture Confident Living is a supporter of the local church and studying Scripture in biblical community. We are of the "teach a (wo)man to fish" mentality! While the below Bible studies help your group dig deep into God's Word, they also teach women how to study the Bible on their own going forward.

Get a taste of Scripture confident living Bible studies:

Awaken Faith: a 4-8 Week Study on the Book of James

No other New Testament author challenges us to put our faith into practice quite like James. This verse by verse study of the Book of James also teaches women how to study epistles in general. With strategies like collecting background information, reading in the context of the gospel, and list-building, you’ll confidently study the next epistle without a guide.

"Awaken Faith" divides the Book of James into 8 sections, providing 8 steps to studying epistles alongside an in-depth discussion guide of this New Testament letter. Study groups can assign homework and complete this study in 4 weeks or skip homework and finish in 8 weeks.

Blog posts and graphics make this group study even more engaging.

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What others said about Awaken Faith:

"As someone so tired of fluffy, theologically-devoid women's studies, I am skeptical whenever I find a new study aimed at women. I am so pleased to say that this study is different! Ellen helps you ask questions as you study the Word for a deeper understanding of the text and for how to put your new understanding into practice. With enough help to make sense of the text but not so much that you get bogged down, Ellen takes you deep into the text to really understand the intent of the author and a biblical-historical understanding of the context and background, and she leaves you without an excuse to be a "hearer only and not a doer" of the Word. I am thrilled to have found a resource I can recommend to my church!" ~ Carlee

"Absolutely wonderful way to truly dive into Scripture and have it sink deep into your heart! After more than 25 years in church ministry, our family is picky about Bible study books. Awaken Faith is a timeless gift of true Bible study. It encourages you to listen more to God's Word than other people's ideas! What a great treasure this is!!!" ~ Jill

"I absolutely love this study! It's not full of fluff, but deep biblical teaching. Not only does the author take you through the Book of James, she teaches you how to study all of the epistles. Truly a beautiful work." ~ Susan

Take a look inside:

Learn more about this Bible study guide here.

Empowering believers to study the BiblE with growing confidence

The Scripture Confident through the Bible Series

Empower the women of your church to pick up their Bibles with confidence, open them to any passage and study it well. Unfortunately, many women attend church for years without ever taking this step towards independent Bible study. They are fed the Word of God but don't know how to feed themselves. They hear teaching but don't know how to discern it or study on their own.

The women of your church (leaders included) need to learn two aspects of Bible study:

  1. Inductive Bible study methods - Observation, Interpretation, and Application

  2. An Understanding of the Bible's overall story

I teach both aspects in the course, Scripture Confident through the Bible. The women of your church will..

women's Bible study

1. Build a framework for studying the Bible well: 

- Don’t worry; I break everything down into small steps and provide lots of help, so everyone will be able to follow along without a problem. 

- In each lesson, they will learn a new Bible study method that builds on the previous one.

- They will study the Bible with the reliable "Observation, Interpretation, Application" Bible study method - also called "Inductive Bible Study". Even pastors and scholars begin here.


printable Bible study guide

2. Dig into Scripture to practice:

- Each course lesson includes a printable Bible study guide (hardcopies are available also). These start out very guided - just like most Bible study guides you’ve used.

- Then, I slowly step back and let your group members take over the study process. They'll be more than equipped to do so.

- Discussion questions and other resources allow you to explore this course as a study group. 

- Go at your own pace as you receive lifetime access to this course. Most groups study through this curriculum in one year!


teaching Bible study

3. Track the Bible's storyline, so they will truly be able to study the Bible in context:

- They won’t read the Bible cover to cover. Instead, they will dig deep into hand-picked passages that will give a full overview of the Bible’s storyline. 

- Summary videos and historical timelines will ensure that everyone continues to see the big picture.

- Knowing God's journey with His people will allow them to understand every Bible passage more clearly.


Sample the Scripture Confident through the Bible course for FREE.

The Scripture Confident through the Bible course is perfect for small group setting or mentoring relationships. 

Set yourself up for success:

  • The course provides editable invitations (flyers) to join the Scripture Confident through the Bible small group at your church.
  • I provide a number of study pace suggestions. The most popular one is the One Year Plan. It required about 20 minutes of daily homework and takes your students from no or little background to advanced Bible study skills in one year. Make sure all students are following the same study pace.
  • When inviting women to join this course, start with a four-week commitment for FREE. You heard me right! The first four lessons of the Scripture Confident through the Bible course are accessible for FREE online. Give this course a spin and see if it's right for you. (Besides, women are much more likely to sign up for a 4-week study than a one-year study. Don't scare them off by suggesting an immediate commitment to a one-year program. Once they get started, trust me, they'll want to finish!)

Is this course right for your group?

This course is NOT right for your group if...

  • The members of your group already know how to study, understand, and apply Scripture with confidence. (My suggestion: Have them teach others.)
  • Your group members are unable to commit at least a short amount of time daily to study Scripture, or they would prefer a 5-minute devotional. (This is a no-fluff zone.)
  • You want to go through each book of the Bible verse by verse. (Check out the "Awaken Faith" Bible study guide on the Book of James for an example of a verse-by-verse study.)

This course is right for your group if...

  • Your group is eager to learn how to study the Bible for themselves and truly understand and apply it.
  • You and your group are tired of spoon-fed Bible truth and ready to dig deep and have meaningful time in Scripture.
  • You are looking for an organized curriculum that teaches through the Bible systematically.
  • Your members have some Bible background but lack an understanding of the Bible's overall story.
  • Your group is ready to not just check "Bible reading" off their to-do lists but get the most out of this time.

What's the best way to know if this course is right for your group? Take it for a spin for FREE

What Others Say About This Course:

“Our whole group grew in confidence and understanding. Thank you so much for all you have taught us through this course. I am itching to continue. I love that about this study.” ~ Courtney

"I have been reading the Bible daily for a long time, but this is the first time I have actually understood what I was reading. You have changed the way I study the Bible." ~ Lucy

"I am impressed with the thoroughness of this study. Now that I've started, I know I want to study through to the end. It is allowing me to see Scripture in a new light." ~ Brenda

Online course & Bible study guide:

This course is hosted online and includes...

  • Bible study lessons
  • Introductory and summary videos
  • Timeline graphics
  • Group discussion questions and printable flyers
  • A comprehensive Bible study guide 
bible literacy for groups

I encourage each group member to sign up for the online course to access helpful videos and resources even if they are unable to attend a Bible study gathering. However, in my experience, every Bible study group will have a few women who are uncomfortable with online platforms and would rather bypass these tools. That's ok!

You, the group leader, can sign up for the online course and show the provided videos during your group gatherings. Then, order the Bible study guide for each of your group members. The Bible study guides, also referred to as the "course notes", are available in PDF and printed form. Purchase links are provided in the course under Introduction > Studying in Community. 

Please note: Each member of your group needs to either sign up for the course or purchase the course notes only. The course contents including the course notes/study guide may not be copied or shared. This ensures the longevity of this ministry. Thank you for your compliance and understanding. 

contact me with Any questions Or Get started for Free today.