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Join the James Bible Study, starting March 5th!

Next week, March 5th, we will begin to study through the Book of James alongside the study guide, "Awaken Faith: Unlocking the New Testament Letters with an In-Depth Study of the Book of James." I hope you join us.

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Spirit Vs Flesh: How to walk by the spirit and not carry out the desires of the flesh

Do you know that a war is waging inside you? Have you experienced the pull in both directions - to follow God or worldly desires? Are you asking yourself, “How do I overcome? How do I have victory over sin?”


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Meditating on Truth: God does not Forget

One of the amazing things about serving the almighty and faithful God is this:

Even when we take our eyes off Him, He remains faithful. His promises to us stand in spite of us. He will not, cannot forget them.

Isaiah 49:16 reminded me of that truth - even though at first glance, I thought I was picking a whole other lesson. Thank God for the habit of reading verses in context. Let's take a look.

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Meditating on Truth: I am His Work in Progress

Do you ever feel like you can't live up to the high standards the Bible has for a biblical woman? I feel like that sometimes when I read Proverbs 31. Meditating on a verse from this passage reminded me of the important piece that I often miss - and that happens to change everything.

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Meditate on Truth: God is Sovereign

We serve a mighty, faithful, and loving God. None compare to Him!

As we are talking about meditating on Scripture, let's dwell on God's character. As we do, our hearts will be filled with worship towards our Creator and our minds will remember to put our full trust Him.

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Meditating on Truth: Strength for Today

Here we go... it's time to meditate on God's Word!


The Word of God is alive and active, my friend (Hebrews 14:12). Dwelling on its truth refreshes our soul and renews our minds.

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Overcoming Bitterness with Patience

Overcoming bitterness can be hard work, but in the end, it's so worth it. While bitterness is a burden to the soul, forgiveness and patience bring freedom. Let's take a look at Psalm 37 as it teaches us how to overcome bitterness with patience. 

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Keeping An Eternal Perspective

What happens when you develop an eternal perspective on life - when you choose to keep your eyes on Jesus in the midst of earthly trouble? What does it mean to keep an eternal perspective that brings you peace in all circumstances?The apostles are amazing examples to us of believers totally given to a life of ministry, loving God and loving others, and advancing His kingdom. Let’s learn from them.

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The Key to Understanding God’s Will

Don't you want to know they key to understanding God's will? Life would be so much easier if we just knew God's plan for our lives, right? Well, directions for every twist and turn of your life may not be written out on paper, but God does tell us in His Word how we can test and approve what His will is. We don't have to wander in the dark.

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6 Attributes of a Redeemed Christian and a Transformed Church

We have been made alive in Christ. Now, what do our lives look like? What should they look like? And what impact may that have on the Church?

Paul encourages us to live renewed lives by the mercy of God and to enter into God-centered community with one another. Which of these six attributes do you already wear by His grace, and which do you need to put on today?

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Be Still and Know… How to Rest in Jesus

Recently, I took a few hours off to be by myself and get away with Jesus. I sat on bench by a fountain in town and envisioned myself in the presence of God - something that is always a reality, but I chose to focus in on this beautiful truth. My heart felt burdened and overloaded and I brought this feeling before God. In my heart, I spoke out, “Lord, please don’t take this as a feeling of ungratefulness. You are nothing but present with me and have blessed me in countless ways.” His gentle voice spoke back, “I know. I see your heart. You are not here to complain. You are here, so I can fill your cup.”

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The Key to Approaching Sin(ners) like Jesus Does

I don’t want to speak for God. Ever! However, the Bible tells of many encounters Jesus had with sinners - and one included a number of religious leaders who were eager for His response. See how Jesus handled them, and what He may have to say to us Christians today as we encounter people living in sin.

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2 Reasons We Experience Trials and How God Wants Us to Respond

It’s not fun to experience hardship, but it is oddly helpful to know it has a purpose. Are you going through or just getting out of a season of pain? See what God has to say about this hardship and your response.

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How to Treat Our Christian Freedom with Care

God gives us a lot of freedom. He has plenty of instructions for us that keep us safe and close to Him, but He also leaves much to enjoy freely and without concern. However, there is the case of a perfectly permissible action causing another to sin. That’s a problem. Our knowledge and our rights will have to take second place. 

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How to Remain Faithful to God in a Faithless World

Living out our faith boldly and faithfully is not always easy. Every day, we are confronted with a world that teaches lies and has no interest in the truth. We meet opposition - and often shy away from it. How do we remain faithful, continue to make disciples, and discern between true and false teachings in a world that’s drifting further from the truth?

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How to Trade Your Anxiety for God's Peace

How can God meet us when we are anxious and stressed? Let these Bible verses encourage you to leave your stress and anxiety at His feet and take up His peace instead. What a trade!

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How to praise God like King David

Praise is an essential part of worshipping God. We don’t approach our heavenly Father only to ask more of Him but also to remember not only what He has already given us but also Who He is. We praise Him simply for being God, our faithful Father, our loving Creator, our righteous King. 

How can we praise Him with worthy words? Let’s take the example of King David’s psalms.

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The Mirror — Walk through James 1:22-25

You won’t be surprised to hear me say that time spent studying the Bible is never wasted. However, when we leave without heeding the following advice from the book of James, we are fooling ourselves into thinking we did something noble to grow our faith. 

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When You Don't Get the Rest You Need

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31. 

Those were Jesus’ words to His disciples after one of their ministry journeys. A restful retreat: what a good idea! But did they get their retreat or did they have to wait?

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