Scripture confident living Bible study guides

What makes Scripture Confident Living Bible study guides so unique? While taking you deep into Scripture, each guide also teaches you a new aspect of studying Scripture independently. Your purchase of these books supports the ministry of Scripture Confident Living and allows more believers to approach the Bible with growing confidence.

Scripture Confident through the Bible

The Scripture Confident through the Bible series is this ministry's signature program. No background knowledge required, this one-year study series will teach you how to understand and apply Scripture for maximum spiritual growth. You'll journey through the whole Bible on select passages so you will truly be able to study Scripture in context. 

Freed to Love (Book of Romans)

God is bigger than our mistakes. His grace frees us when none of our actions could. Learn grace for yourself and others with this in-depth, 5-week study of Romans. How can you study Romans in depth in only 5 weeks? Partner up with a few other believers and divide the load. Discover the advantage of studying the Bible together.

Awaken Faith (Book of James)

This James Bible study guide will help you dig deep into this practical book while teaching you study skills for any New Testament letter. Learn to trust God in all circumstances, to love God by loving His people with words and actions, and to appreciate the freedom that is found in following God's ways. These are just some of the gems found in the book of James.


Think Biblically (Topical Studies)

This tutorial on studying Bible topics that matter to you includes a step-by-step plan for studying topics in the Bible, each accompanied by a beautiful, printable worksheet. With 40+ topic ideas, strategies for studying any passage of Scripture, and 10 actionable worksheets, you'll always be able to search Scripture's answers for your current life questions.

10 Steps to Approaching the Bible…

The “10 Steps to Approaching the Bible with Confidence” will teach you some quick tips for studying the Bible in-depth, on your own, and with confidence. Learn how to make good textual observations, interpret what you read, and apply it to see life change. This pdf book is FREE, so download it and get started.

Free Email Course

Dodge all obstacles, combat excuses, and start strong towards a lifetime of studying Scripture with excitement and deep understanding, because nothing grows our personal connection with God like time of prayer and Bible study. Pave the way for consistent and enjoyable time spend in Scripture with this FREE 5-day email course.


other Bible study resources

Below are other recommended resources to help you grow in your spiritual walk through Bible study. Scripture Confident Living is an affiliate of these ministries, which means that your purchase of one of these guides will support both ministries at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Grace Goals

An alternative to secular goal-setting programs, Grace Goals explores a biblical approach to real life change. Through 5 workshops, this course teaches you to work in conjunction with the Spirit of God to fulfill the desires He has placed in your heart.

Pray Deep - The Lord's Prayer

This in-depth series on the Lord's prayer will not only revolutionize your prayer life but also deepen your understanding of God and other major tenants of the Christian faith. Enjoy a daily study guide, weekly group questions, and an article series on this blog.

Make Over Your Mornings

This 14-day course is designed to help you revolutionize your productivity, streamline your routines, invest your time in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process. Create a morning that is in line with your life.