Empowering Women to Study the Bible with Growing Confidence

How would you like to open up your Bible to any passage and know how to understand and apply it? Would you feel more excited about coming back to the Bible every day? More confident that you are following God’s will? More equipped to mentor younger women? I have great news: This goal is totally attainable. 

With a few Bible study methods in your toolbox and an understanding of the Bible’s one storyline, you’ll soon feel much more confident reading the Bible without a guide. 


Hi, I’m Ellen and my personal story actually began a little differently. I grew up around a few Bible stories for kids and thought I knew way more than I actually did... until I got to Bible college and found out how little I really knew. In one of my first classes, we were given a test that was meant to help the faculty gauge our entry-level Bible knowledge. I had read through the Bible once before, so I thought I’d be well equipped for this test. It turned out I didn’t even understand some of the questions. I kept thinking, “I cannot even remember reading about this.” and, “What does this word even mean?”

All that was about to change. I began to understand the Bible’s one storyline in my Old Testament and New Testament survey classes, learned solid Bible study methods, and watched my professors lay out Scripture in a way that was meaningful and personal. Soon, I was studying books of the Bible in depth on my own and seeing my findings mirrored in commentaries and class study notes. I call that my “Scripture confidence moment”. It was so empowering that I immediately wanted to share this newfound treasure with the rest of the world. 


You may not have the time and money to go to Bible school but I’m going to offer you a way to get that same foundation in just one year right from the comfort of your living room couch. 

Check out my signature program, Scripture Confident through the Bible, a one-year, self-paced Bible study intensive that will transform your comfort level with the Word of God. 


“I have been reading the Bible daily for a long time, but this is the first time I have actually understood what I was reading. You have changed the way I study the Bible.” ~ Lucy


Join us online!

I can’t wait to see your relationship with Christ transform as you dig into Scripture with joy and confidence! We are waiting for you in our Facebook community, My Scripture Confident Life. We discuss the Bible and our faith journey, and I regularly share what and how I am studying the Bible in my personal time with Jesus.

Think you are too busy? Think again. I have two young kids and two part-time jobs besides investing in this ministry. I understand that the ideal week never happens. Life is often hectic, stressful, and unpredictable. In the midst, let’s draw close to God through His Word, because He is ready and waiting to comfort and guide us.

So, come as you are - with as much or little time as you have - and learn how to read the Bible for all its worth!


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Browse the blog for a number of Bible study ideas, strategies, and tips, and - my personal favorite: in-depth devotionals. (Just because our time in Scripture has to be short some days - that’s when we grab a devotional - doesn’t mean it has to be shallow.) — I love teaching the Bible, but the best teachers are those we know in person. That’s why I have gathered some resources for Bible teachers and Christian mentors. Just enter the ‘teachers’ lounge’.

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