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Scripture Confident Living exists to empower women, just like you, to study the Bible with growing confidence.

First off, you can learn more about me and this ministry in the about section above. Bible beginners, seasoned readers, and mentors/teachers: You are in the right place!

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The online Course

Build a framework for studying the Bible well: 

- Don’t worry; I break everything down into small steps and provide lots of help, so you’ll be able to follow along without a problem. 

- In each lesson, you will learn a new Bible study method that builds on the previous one.

- You will study the Bible with the reliable "Observation, Interpretation, Application" Bible study method that even pastors and scholars use. 


Practice your new skills with growing independence:

- Each lesson includes a printable Bible study guide. These start out very guided - just like most Bible study guides you’ve used.

- Then, I slowly step back and let you take over the study process. You'll be more than equipped to do so.

- Plus, find discussion questions and other resources to explore this course with a friend or study group.


Track the Bible's storyline, so you’ll truly be able to study the Bible in context:

- You won’t read the Bible cover to cover. Instead, you will dig deep into hand-picked passages that will give you a full view of the Bible’s storyline. 

- Summary videos and historical timelines will ensure that you continue to see the big picture.

- Knowing God's journey with His people will allow you to understand every Bible passage more clearly.


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First Steps for Beginners... 

Hello, new Bible student! Welcome on board. The journey to Scripture confidence is enjoyable and rewarding. Don't let fear intimidate you. Check out these articles and offer to start with a strong foundation:



Next Steps for Seasoned Readers...

Hey, lover of the Bible! I'm giving you a virtual 👊 for reading God's Word regularly. Are you ready to move from reading to studying? Here are some articles you may like:

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Bible-Study Teachers, Small-Group Leaders, and Christian Mentors:

Visit the "Teachers' Lounge" for teaching tips and resources for people like you who are passionate about empowering women to study the Bible with confidence. Some topics we have covered: