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The ultimate bible study series that will take you through the bible's story and teach you all the bible study skills you need along the way!

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If you want to see your faith mature, you have to study the Bible. That much is clear.

But what if this cause-and-effect relationship is not a reality in your life? What if you are reading the Bible, listening to sermons, and jumping from one study guide to the next without seeing significant benefit? 

What if you still don’t feel closer to God, comfortable studying the Bible on your own, or finding answers in Scripture?

The Scripture Confident through the Bible course was designed for you. 

Before you throw in the towel and grab another 5-minute devotional book, give independent Bible study another try. 

Students of the Scripture Confident through the Bible series report…

  • Growing confidence in their ability to study Scripture on their own.
  • Discovering new Bible stories and seeing familiar ones in a new light.
  • Meaningful time in God’s Word that goes beyond routine and encourages life change.

So, join the others who are already on their way to studying Scripture systematically, confidently, and meaningfully. Dry Bible studies and spoon-fed Bible-truth are a thing of the past… 

Get ready to dig in, learn lots, and change the way you approach Scripture forever.


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this is your path to independent Bible Study:


Build a framework for studying the Bible well: 

- Don’t worry; I break everything down into small steps and provide lots of help, so you’ll be able to follow along without a problem. 

- In each lesson, learn a new Bible study method that builds on the previous one.

- Study the Bible with the reliable Observation, Interpretation, Application Bible study method that even pastors and scholars use. 


Dig into Scripture as you practice:

- Each lesson includes a no-fluff Bible study guide. These lessons start out very guided - just like most Bible study guides you’ve used.

- Then, I slowly step back and let you take over the study process. You'll be more than equipped to do so.

- Discussion questions and other resources allow you to explore this study with a friend or group. 


Track the Bible's storyline, so you’ll truly be able to study the Bible in context:

- You won’t read the Bible cover to cover. Instead, you will dig deep into hand-picked passages that will give you a full view of the Bible’s storyline

- Knowing God's journey with His people will allow you to understand every Bible passage more clearly.

- Bonus: You'll get access to summary videos and historical timelines that will ensure you continue to see the big picture



Are you ready to revolutionize the way you approach Scripture?

To make this study even more approachable, I've divided it into 6 Modules. Each of the 4 study guides are available in ebook and paperback.


gain access to the exclusive bonuses:

With your purchase of the Scripture Confident through the Bible series, you'll gain access to these bonuses that will keep you engaged. Each lessons is accompanied by a motivational introductory video, a summary video of the time period you studied in that lesson, a timeline graphic, and a discussion question graphic. Occasionally, I add a video to further explain the study technique. I also have a couple of guests with me a from time to time to dig deeper into one of the topics you're studying. All of these bonus resources are available online.

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Here is what others had to say about this series:

Our whole group grew in confidence and understanding. Thank you so much for all you have taught us through this course. I am itching to continue. I love that about this study.

— Courtney

I have learned so much about the Bible because of the way you have taught us how to study Scripture. I'm starting to automatically ask the questions and interpret the information so much better - especially with the use of outside resources. This study has definitely helped me to deepen my Bible study and time with God!

— Wendi

I have been reading the Bible daily for a long time, but this is the first time I have actually understood what I was reading. You have changed the way I study the Bible.

— Lucy


What makes this bible study different from any old bible study guide?

You know that old saying, "Teach a man to fish..."? That's exactly my philosophy. Other Bible studies may guide you through a topic or book, but in this course, you'll learn everything you need to take over the process of studying the Bible. After finishing this course, you will not only understand the complete story of the Bible and have learned tons about God, faith, and redemption, but you will also be able to take any passage of the Bible and study it well. You will make textual observations, independent interpretations, utilize available scholarly resources, and apply what you've read with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What will i learn in each book?

I will take you by the hand through Module 1, then slowly teach you how to study the Bible with a little more independence in Module 2.

- Begin your journey through Scripture from Genesis to Samuel.

- Build a consistent and prayerful Bible study habit, then unpack the "Observation" Bible study step

- Grow your faith as you learn from key Old Testament characters.


In Modules 3 & 4, you will begin to study Scripture with a growing set of questions. No worries, I always provide study hints - until it's your turn to practice on your own.

- Continue your journey through the Bible from Samuel to the end of the Old Testament.

- Now that you are making excellent observations, learn the "Interpretation and Application" steps of Bible study.

- After these modules, you'll be equipped to study any narrative passage of the Bible.


In Module 5, you will continue to study within the structure set up in Modules 1-4

- Journey through the life of Christ with a taste of all four gospels.

- Learn advanced interpretation skills to correctly interpret the many parables and analogies we find in the gospels.

- Detect ministry principles in the life of Christ and formulate theological views based on Scripture.


By Module 6, your Scripture confidence will be through the roof! 

- Finish the Bible's storyline with the book of Acts (and glimpses of the remainder of the New Testament).

- Allow Scripture to speak into every area of your life with these advanced application skills.

- Explore Bible memorization and epistle study tips.

- Study the Bible with a strong foundation forevermore!!

what is your refund policy?

We hope you won't have buyer's remorse when you purchase this amazing Bible study system. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return paperback books within 30 days of purchase. Returned copies have to be unused (no writing inside) and undamaged. Refund will be processed after the returned book has been received. 

At this point, we do not offer refunds on digital products.