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Is This Promise for Me? Part 4: The Promises Made to You

Over the course of this blog post series, we learned the importance of understanding who the original recipient of a promise is. Sometimes, the promise was made to a people long ago about a situation long ago. It may feel like I took promise after promise and declared that this one is not for you. Today, that changes. 

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Is that Promise for Me? Part 3: The Old and The New

Which of God's promises apply to us and how? That's the question we have been exploring in this four-part blog-post series. 

First, we discussed general interpretation and application rules that apply to God’s promises as well as other Bible verses. Then, we had an Old Testament history lesson in order to better understand the promises God made - and at least partially fulfilled - in the Old Testament. Why am I amending with “at least partially”? Let’s take a closer look.

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How to Treat Our Christian Freedom with Care

God gives us a lot of freedom. He has plenty of instructions for us that keep us safe and close to Him, but He also leaves much to enjoy freely and without concern. However, there is the case of a perfectly permissible action causing another to sin. That’s a problem. Our knowledge and our rights will have to take second place. 

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Is this Promise for Me? Part 2: Old Testament Promises

God makes many promises in the Bible, but the question remains every time: "Is this promise for me?" Last week, we established that not all of God’s promises are applicable to every life situation. His promises are not blanket statements. Rather they appear within a context and sometimes with a condition.

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Is This Promise for Me? part 1: Context and Conditions

The Bible is full of God’s promises to His people. We love to read them. We love to apply them to our lives. We use them to remember that we serve a good and giving God. But are all those promises for us? Do we have the liberty to apply them to any life situation? After all, we serve a God who does not change and His promises are true.

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