How to Study the Bible Systematically

Do you desire to truly understand the Bible every time you open it? Join us in studying the Bible systematically. 


We have already discussed the incredible benefits of studying the Bible systematically. Are you excited and ready to get started?

Let me introduce you to the Scripture Confident through the Bible series. 

In these 4 Bible study guides, you will learn how to study the Bible while you come to understand its storyline. 

>>> You are digging deep into Scripture with growing confidence.

We start out very guided like most Bible study guides you have used. Then, I introduce a new Bible study method every week and give you a chance to practice it before you take it over completely. 

Here is what happens: Before you know it, you'll ask great questions about the Bible text with little to no prompting. You'll discover more about the passages in front of you than ever before.

When we study the Bible systematically rather than simply reading it, we find ourselves connecting with God with gladness over His grace and instruction. We learn from those who have gone before us and experience what it means to be blessed with the living Word of God.

>>> Understand the story of redemption.

When we talk about studying the Bible systematically, we also have a plan for what we study rather than skipping around the Bible at random.

In the Scripture Confident through the Bible series, you'll study through the Bible's storyline on select passages. Rather than reading the Bible cover to cover, I've selected passages that give you an overview of the story but still allow you time to dig deep and apply each passage for maximum impact.

Why is it so important to understand the whole storyline?  Once you've seen it unfold, you'll be able to place any Bible passage in its correct context.

You'll also notice the theme of redemption throughout the whole Bible. From the beginning, God planned to save us from a life of sin through Jesus Christ. Every stop on mankind's journey to meet Jesus is meant to help us understand our need for a Savior. 

Study the Bible systematically... learn Bible study methods while understanding the Bible's storyline all in one place. | Scripture Confident Living

>>> Discover the power of God's Word.

Seeing God teach and grow individuals while working out His big plan is one of my favorite things about studying through the Bible's story. I've led many believers on this journey with the Scripture Confident through the Bible series, and they've all been amazed as well.

When you study Scripture with independence and confidence, you discover the power of God's Word. It brings joy, encouragement, and conviction. It will change your life.

Many Bible study guides help you dig deeper into the Word, but the Scripture Confident through the Bible series empowers you to study Scripture on your own going forward.

That's right! No background required, this series teaches you how to study the Bible inductively. That means when you have completed the entire series (about a year's worth of Bible study), you'll be able to study any Bible passage with confidence.

It will change the way you approach Scripture and liven up your morning quiet time. Find out what God wants to teach you through His Word.

We are studying through modules 1 & 2 of the Scripture Confident through the Bible series together in our Facebook community group. My Scripture Confident Lifestarting September 10th, 2018. I truly hope you join us! 

Here is what others said about Scripture Confident through the Bible.

“Learning about these study methods has brought the Word to light in new ways and has furthered what the Holy Spirit can bring to my understanding.” ~ Caroline

“Our whole group grew in confidence and understanding. Thank you so much for all you have taught us through this course. I am itching to continue. I love that about this study.” ~ Courtney

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See you there! I can't wait for us to get started.