James 5:13-20 -- Final Words

The final words of New Testament letters are always special. Here, the author is wrapping up his main message to his audience and throwing in any last words of encouragement or challenges to keep in mind. We see this in the Book of James as well. He has been encouraging us to live out our faith in loving actions towards one another. Here, at the end of his letter, he brings up two more aspects of Christian community. He encourages his audience to pray for one another and continually lead one another back to the truth.

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James 1:2-18 -- Consider it all joy

As we dive into the Book of James with the Awaken Faith study guide, I am also going to teach you methods for studying epistles in general. As believers, we love these New Testament letters. So, let's learn how to study them well. This will help us with our study of the book of James, but it will also help you as you study the Bible going forward.

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Deep and Wide: The Two Essentials to Effective Bible Study

Here, in the Scripture Confident Living community, we love digging deep into Scripture and studying the Bible independently. There are so many resources roaming the blogosphere these days, but what I really want for you is this: To study the Bible effectively and skillfully... because that will lead to Scripture confidence.

To study the Bible effectively, you need to build a strong Bible study foundation. Learn some key Bible study methods that are tried and true and know what the Bible is all about. 

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