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3 Things to Do Before Studying the Bible Book by Book

Studying a book of the Bible from beginning to end is wonderful because you get a chance to fully understand a particular author’s message and purpose for writing. But before you get started, here are three things I suggest you do first.

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10 Myths about In-Depth Bible Study that Keep You from Meaningful Time with God

What’s keeping you from studying the Bible in depth? Turn a corner today and connect with God over meaningful time in His Word.

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Should we study the Bible like a textbook?

Bible study is worth every effort we once gave school work. It's certainly more worthwhile than reading Shakespeare. Yet many of us don't approach the Bible as we did Shakespeare. So the questions remains: Should we study the Bible like a textbook? Here is my answer.

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5 Reasons to Study the Bible Systematically

Studying the Bible systematically - Your reactions to this concept may range from excitement to intimidation. Here are 5 reasons why you should give it a try.

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How to Share Your Testimony Effectively

Your testimony - that means, the story of how you came to faith in Jesus Christ - is one of the best tools you have for sharing your faith. It's your story, it's undeniable, and it speaks of the power of Jesus. Check out these tips of sharing your testimony effectively. 

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Deep and Wide: The Two Essentials to Effective Bible Study

Here, in the Scripture Confident Living community, we love digging deep into Scripture and studying the Bible independently. There are so many resources roaming the blogosphere these days, but what I really want for you is this: To study the Bible effectively and skillfully... because that will lead to Scripture confidence.

To study the Bible effectively, you need to build a strong Bible study foundation. Learn some key Bible study methods that are tried and true and know what the Bible is all about. 

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Making Bible Study A Habit

Have you ever wondered how to make Bible study a habit? I mean, start strong and keep reading Scripture daily? Reading the Bible every day is such a valuable Christian discipline. Let me help you get started and loving it!But how can you get started? Whether you have tried before (and possibly failed) or are brand-new to developing a Bible-study habit, here are some tips to start this new habit.

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From Confused to Confident: Taking the Guesswork out of Bible Study

Does the idea of studying Scripture independently make you nervous? Have you ever thought, "I wish I could approach the Bible with confidence, but I am truly confused when I pick up this precious Book"?

Let's take the confusion out of Bible study and build a habit of studying Scripture regularly, independently, and confidently. 

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How to Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Bible Study

Above all, we have to invite the Holy Spirit into our Bible study. Let's acknowledge Him as the greatest Bible Teacher we will ever experience. It is the Holy Spirit who blesses us understanding, conviction, and peace. So invite Him in!

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5 Ways to Put the Bible on Your New Years Resolution List

I love this time of year because I am all for planning and goal-setting. Nothing says "new beginning" like New Years Day. Do you set goals for the year? If so, does the word "Bible" appear on your resolution list?

Here are five ways to plan for a Scripture-filled year.

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2 Types of Context Checks that Will Keep You From Misinterpreting Scripture

You've heard the warning: Do not read the Bible out of context!!

Yes, indeed, we want to make sure we always consider the context of any verse or passage we stumble upon. Failing to look at the context is probably the number 1 reason for misinterpreting Scripture!

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Understanding Bible Genres

The Bible contains books in various genres. This knowledge greatly impacts how we interpret a given Bible passage. For example, we want to take narratives literally, believing they actually happened as described, while we will more carefully interpret poetry, which - like modern poetry - often describes true observations with figurative language. 

Let's consider each of the genres of the Bible and how they flex our interpretation muscle.

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In-depth Bible Study & Bible Journaling: Finding a Balance

So many beautiful Bible journaling images are floating around the world wide web and likely finding their way onto one of your screens daily. Your Pinterest wall alone probably shows an abundance of Bible journal pages. If you are anything like me, they make you at least pause and admire the Word of God written out beautifully, and you wish you could just stop and make your own art from Scripture.

Maybe another side of you is itching to put all that drawing business aside and fill the margins of your Bible with notes and insight instead, as you study each passage in depth and dig deep. Oh, you know I am all about that!

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5 Steps to Truly Connecting with God during Your Quiet Time

What's the point of a regular quiet time anyway? Is it to check something off a list, to earn God's favor, or is it to connect with Him?

I hope you spend time in God's Word to learn about your Creator and connect with the King of your life! In fact, I hope not a day goes by without a time of worshipping your Savior whole-heartedly and allowing God to fill your cup.

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77 Reasons to Study the Old Testament and Enjoy Every Minute

There are so many compelling reasons to NOT skip over the first 39 books of the Bible but rather study the Old Testament for all its worth. Check out this quick list of 77 benefits to studying the Old Testament… and find out why there has never been a better time to start than NOW!

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Christian Bloggers Share Their Favorite Prayer Resource

What happens when you ask a group of Christian bloggers about their favorite resource to grow your prayer life? They’ll share their top book recommendations, insights, and encouragement. Why? It’s because all of us seek to grow in this important part of our relationship with God: Communicating with the Creator of life, honoring Him inner speech while approaching Him just as we are.

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What Does It Mean to Be “In Christ”?

Before long, any believer will come across the phrase “in Christ” either while studying the Bible or hearing another believer talk about matters of the faith. Who is “in Christ”, and what does that phrase mean? Let me help you better understand Bible passages that use the phrase “in Christ”.

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The Old Testament Storyline in 300 Words

The Old Testament is intimidating to many believers. It seems long, confusing, out-dated, and maybe even irrelevant. However, the storyline of the Old Testament is an amazing account of God’s love and interaction with His people. It helps us understand the arrival of Jesus, our Savior, and our need for His sacrifice on our behalf. Don’t miss this essential portion of the Bible.

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9 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Bible-Study Guide

With thousands of Bible study guides in the market place, how do you pick one? Which guide will teach you more about your Christian faith, about God, and His will? Rather than reading a “Christian Living” book or devotional, choose a Bible study guide that lets you dive into God’s Word. Consider these 9 things as you choose…

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